Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List

It's summer - finally a chance to slow down. Basketball season has ended, school is out and work is always a little easier over the summer. I have enjoyed the wonderful summer ideas that have been all over Pinterest lately. I'm excited to share it with you my Summer Bucket List - these are the few things I found that I will be trying over the summer.

At Skip to My Lou I found a tutorial to make these fun water bombs. I think this is so much better then using water balloons since they are reusable and won't make a mess when your done. I also won't need to spend time filling them up. Another huge plus is that they are safe for Alexa.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest
I found a recipe for bubbles! Alexa loves bubbles so having a recipe on hand will be great for outdoor fun. 

Pina Colada Pops minus the alcohol - I'm headed to Target to pick up a popsicle tray to make these today.

Outdoor Movie Night - I find this probably the best idea so far. I love it because this activity will be fun for Alexa who can run around the yard the whole time and for Jacob who would want to actually watch the movie. I'm really looking forward putting this together.

While I'm not planning to formally participate in the challenge, since I'm already 12 days behind for it, I would like to use this list to create an Instagram challenge this summer for Jacob.

My list is surprisingly short. I didn't want to stress myself or my family with a huge list of summer activities. I figure the few that I really like plus any spur of the moment ideas we will have should make for a summer we will all treasure.

Until next time,

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