Saturday, June 30, 2012

Can You Tell Me How To Get.......

My favorite TV show as a little girl was Sesame Street, hands down, and my favorite character was Big Bird. According to my mom I was going to marry Big Bird when I grew up. I figure Jim is pretty happy I grew out of that.
Jim also grew up watching Sesame Street. His favorite character was The Count and we still have a Sesame Street storybook from my childhood.
Jacob was an Elmo freak when he was little. Everything was Elmo and for his 2nd birthday he had an Elmo party. Later when he was in 6th grade he and his friends decided to dress up like Sesame Street characters for Halloween. Jacob was Elmo and his friends were Cookie Monster, Ernie, and the Count. Here's the catch, they were hip hop Sesame Street characters complete with there fake bling and crazy clothing. Given this love for all things Sesame Street it was only natural that Alexa fell in love with these wonderful characters. Elmo and Abby are her two favorites. She yells when she sees them on TV, kisses and hugs her stuffed Elmo and Abby toys and says hi to them every time she sees them in a book. When Sesame Street Live came to town Jim & I were so excited to take her to see it. Jacob had a basketball tournament so he had to miss it. I think he was okay with that.

Alexa say's hi to everyone, every where we go. She is incredibly social and confident. Today however we had a different little girl with us. Before the show we had a chance to meet Elmo and Cookie Monster. Alexa was scared to death. As soon as we started to walk her toward them she grabbed a hold of Jim and wouldn't let go. It was so unlike her.  

Alexa sat perfectly and watched the show, never leaving Daddy's lap and keeping her eye on the stage. I think she was making sure her Sesame Street friends stayed on stage. By the 2nd half she became much more comfortable and left Daddy's lap to move a little closer to the stage. She danced a little and smiled every time we said to her, "Is that Elmo? Is that Abby?"

I'm not sure who had more fun, the kids or the parents. When the Elmo came out to do Elmo's World, all the parents were singing just as loud as the children. I'll admit I was too.  I think we just enjoy watching our children so happy. A key moment for me was when they performed the song Sing. You might remember it. It goes like this - Sing, Sing a Song, Sing out loud, Sing out strong. Sing of good times not bad, sing of happy not sad..... tears began to flow as I watched my little girl enjoy a song from my childhood and enjoying the friends I loved at her age.
Thank you God for this chance to share this treasured moment with my family.

Until next time,

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