Thursday, May 31, 2012

Special Days to Celebrate in June

I'm excited to share with you some unique celebrations for month of June. With school out this is the perfect time to make each of these celebrations wonderful memories for you and your family to treasure. Enjoy!

The entire month of June is dedicated to:
Roses - why not place a rose at the dinner table this month;
Dairy - who can say no to a month dedicated to milk, cheese and ice cream;
Ice Tea - brew a pot in the hot summer sun;
Candy - Enjoy Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the original or the Johnny Depp version. Better yet read the amazing books by Roald Dahl;
Graduation - be sure to connect to a graduate and let them know how proud you are of there accomplishments.

June 22 - 28: Cheese Week - Jim and Alexa will enjoy celebrating this, they both have never met a cheese they didn't like.

Daily celebrations in June include:
1st - Oscar the Grouch's Birthday - Even a Grouch should be honored on his birthday.
1st - Donut Day - Who can pass up a donut?
9th - Donald Duck's Birthday - another great character to celebrate with your children.
14th - National Flag Day - Why not start making flags to use as decorations for the 4th of July
14th - Family History Day - Have your children interview a Grandparent or make a family tree.
17th - Father's Day - In the next few days I will be posting fun ideas for Father's Day so be sure to check back often.
20th - Ice Cream Soda Day - Perfect treat for the summer, don't you think.
22nd - Take Dog to Work Day - Be sure to check with the boss first.
24th - Feast of St. John the Baptist - Check out beautiful items from the Catholic Company.

On a personal note we have Jacob's 13th birthday and my Mom's birthday to celebrate this month. What special days will you be celebrating in June?

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