Thursday, April 19, 2012

Letting Go!

Yesterday I was given the ultimate test in letting go. Hubby Jim was given a ticket to the Giants game from a co worker on Tuesday. Everything was set to have him go straight from work. My parents are still here to help me since my surgery so they could watch Alexa while Jacob and I go to Jr. High Ministry. Wednesday afternoon Jim gives me a call to say he was given 2 tickets from his coworker not one. "Oh great", I say. In my head I wondered if there was anyway I can get someone else to handle the ministry for the evening for me. While I'm running scenarios through my head, Jim says. "I'd really like to take Jacob with me." "Oh really" I'm thinking. "Okay, um how do I get him to you?" "I think he can take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and I'll meet him in the station in San Francisco." This was Jim's idea. Are you kidding me? 
I panicked. We take BART all the time when we need to go to San Francisco. So often Jacob could probably do it with his eyes closed but I have always been there. He's always followed me as we manipulate through the ciaos of San Francisco and the BART system. I just couldn't accept he can do this himself. Jim assured me Jacob is responsible enough and that the train would be full of Giants fans and since Giants fans are AWESOME, he will be safe. After a deep breath I said okay and was able to surprise Jacob with the news when I picked him up from school. He was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited, I never saw him finish his homework so fast. EVER! 
My Dad and I took him to the nearest station and I walked him in. Since I had to buy his ticket he was fine with me walking him into the station. He was however very embarrassed by my big hug and kiss. I gave him simple instructions - text me when you get on the train, text me when the train starts moving and answer any text I send you right away. He followed through brilliantly and then called when he meet up with Jim. 

The anxiety was worth it. Check out how great their seats were.   

This was ten rows up along the third base line. (I'm incredibility jealous.) They also watched an amazing pitchers duel that went 11 innings. They stayed to the very end to watch the Giants win 1 to 0 against the Phillies.  They arrived home late and they were both pretty tired but they were so excited to get to hang out together. Jacob loves to spend time with just Jim but unfortunately with our schedule Dad/Jacob time is tough. I'm so happy I was able to let go and trust that Jacob would be just fine without me. Last night was a evening they both will treasure.

Until next time,

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