Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Tonight is the annual auction to benefit the Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Religious Education and the Elementary School at our parish. Over the last several years I have been in charge of decorating. This is one of my favorite jobs to do. I love creating the vision and working to put it all together. I've been lucky to work with themes like - Walking the Red Carpet, 50's, Mardi Gras, The Old West, and Medieval Times.
This year is a St Patrick's Day celebration. I was lucky to find so many great resources from several different blogs to inspire me while putting everything together.
The printables I used were from The Tom Kat Studio and Love the Day. The idea fof using split peas in the vases came from  Two Twenty One and the green and white flower balls came from The Idea Room. I'd love to thank all these talented ladies who share their ideas each week on their blogs.
Here is how I took their inspirations and put the place together.

Luckily I had some help by some amazing friends. I'm so grateful they took time out of their week to help me hot glue flowers, hang banners; transform the bleachers and so much more I can't begin to remember. You ladies know who you are. Thanks so much!!!!!!!  

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