Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Discovery Time

I have begun putting together sensory boxes for Alexa. So far I have made two and Alexa has had so much fun playing in them.

The first one I created was using rice. I colored the rice using Colorations Liquid Watercolors. It's the best watercolor paint I've ever worked with. I put some rice in a zip lock bag added the watercolor and a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. I'm actually not sure what the alcohol is for, this was just how I was taught to do it. After mixing the rice and making sure every bit is colored, I then spread the rice on a foil lined cookie sheet and dried it in a 250 degree oven. It usually takes a few minutes and I turn the rice over during part of the cooking time.

I gave Alexa some cups and small plastic containers so she can scoop and pour the rice. She loves dumping things out.

She then realized grabbing a bunch in her hands and watching it rain down was much more fun.

I spread a tablecloth on the floor so she can enjoy herself and I could clean up easier. I ran into only two problems. I'm used to making this for preschoolers so I didn't think about Alexa trying to eat it. She made the attempt but I caught her before she could, I just really kept an eye on her the entire time she played after that. The other problem was her drool. Because she happened to be drooling that day some of the rice got wet and she ended up with some of the watercolor all over her hands. It was really no big deal but I figured I better give you a warning.

Alexa's 2nd discovery box uses dried split peas. I had a ton of split peas left over after using them in the table decorations for the auction held at church. If you would like to see their first use, you can read my blog post entitled Luck of the Irish

In this box I put some plastic bugs and a rubber ducky I found in the dollar section at Target.

I hid the bugs and Alexa enjoyed finding them. She also enjoyed burying the rubber ducky. 

I looking forward to making other boxes for Alexa using colored pasta and beans, Easter grass will be my next one. 

Until next time,

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