Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Proud Mama!!!

When Jacob was born I had dreams of watching him play ball. His birth announcement was a baseball card. He attended his 1st SF Giants game before his 1st birthday. When he got older I looked forward to every Spring when the season would start and Jacob would grab his mitt and take the field. Jim & I were always assistant coaches and I was also the teams score keeper. Baseball and our family was like peanut butter and jelly, Ernie and Bert, ice cream and hot fudge. You get the picture.
Then Jacob entered 2nd grade and began playing basketball. This was okay because basketball is a fall and winter sport, baseball is a spring sport and for several years Jacob played both.
Three years ago Jacob hit me with a bombshell. He wanted to quit baseball so he can focus more on basketball. Whoa! I was never expecting that, he was supposed to be a catcher, play college ball, maybe even spend a little time in the minors. Is this really happening? He knew I was surprised and even a bit disappointed but I knew deep down that baseball would never ignite his fire like basketball does.
Fast forward to yesterday - after a very stressful weekend of tryouts and a very long day waiting for an answer. Jacob finally received the email he has worked so hard for. He made it on to the U12 AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Travel Basketball team. He was fitted for his uniform yesterday and we begin next week This means basketball is now a year around sport for this family. So I guess my dreams really have come true, Jacob is playing ball and I get to watch him have so fun playing a game he loves so much. I thank God for giving my son such a passion for this game and of course the ability to play it. As for me, I am proud to wear the title BASKETBALL MOM.

Until next time,

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