Friday, February 10, 2012

A Place for Everything

This weeks organizing project for the 52 weeks to an organized home was recycling. Our recycling is actually very organized thanks to Jim so instead I played with a new toy and updated the Reiser Family Everything Binder.
Several years ago I found The Fly Lady. She is amazing at keeping your home clean and ready for unexpected guests. It was from her site that I was first introduced to a control binder, routines and cleaning zones.
I must admit that I'm not a consistent flyer, there are weeks that I'm totally on target, following my routines working on my zones. Then there are weeks when I haven't even had a chance to look at my binder. I'm currently in one of those weeks, or should I say months. Hopefully with the fun of updating my binder I will get back in game.
Before I begin showing you my photos I would like to apologize for the quality. I currently have to take pictures with my cell phone because I have lost my camera. Well the last theory is that Alexa might have put it in the garbage but we are hoping that's not the case since the garbage has already been pickup for the week. So please send a prayer to St. Anthony for me, I think he's tired of hearing from me.
Now to the binder:
 My original binder was an ugly white one. I found this bright and cheerful binder at Target.

Remember I said I was playing with a new toy. Well I download a great digital scrapbook software program called Scrapbook Max!. I used it to create my title page and also my menu planner.
My menu planner is stored in a page protector and each week I write on it with a dry erase marker. This keeps me from having to print out a new page every week. 

My binder is divided into 7 sections
Routines: These are my household routines for the morning, afternoon and evening and also my weekly routines. My routines are also kept in a page protector and each time I finish a task I cross it off. When it's a new day or week, I whip it off and start over again.

 Menu Planning: Each section has a pocket divider: In my menu planning pocket I hold takeout menus.
To help with menu planning I have a list of all our favorite recipes from my cookbook collection. When I'm planning the week I just pull out my list instead of a bunch of cookbooks. 
Menu planning also includes making my grocery list. I have a master grocery list which contains the items I always like to have in stock around the house. I also store all my coupons in a page protector in this section.

School: Contains all information from the kids school, like the parent handbook, calendar and school roster. 

Family Activities: Jacob's Boy Scouts and basketball team information; Jim's Knight of Columbus information, I also have printouts of fun things to do with the family that I found on the internet. When we are planning a vacation, I keep all information for the trip there also. Man, I wish I was planning a vacation.

Finances: This is a new section for me, in fact it's still empty. My plan is to start putting together a monthly budget and a bill paying checklist. Control of our finances is one of our goals in 2012.

Household: This has our home warranty information; the detailed cleaning lists from Fly Lady and recipes for home made cleaners. I also have a page protector that I use to hold coupons for oil changes; carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and department stores I like to shop at. 

Medical: Our medical directory for Kaiser is kept here and also a rescuer's guide to CPR Jim & I received when we took a CPR Class. 

Phone Numbers: My final section is phone numbers. That's kind of self explanatory. 

I hope you enjoyed viewing our Everything Binder. - As I update it I will share my progress with you. 
Do you have a household binder? If so please share what you have in yours.

Until next time,

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