Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Time for Change

I set up this blog well over a year ago. In fact my daughter wasn't even born yet and this is my first post. Funny how an entire year can just fly on by without me even noticing it.
Well that's about to change -
Last Saturday night was Jim's company Christmas party. I had two cosmos, three glasses of water and two cups of coffee. At the end of the evening I had a headache so I took an Excedrin, which was all I had in my purse. Big mistake or was it. Since Excedrin is full of caffeine, I was unable to sleep. Leaving me alone with my thoughts going a mile a minute until 3am. This is were 2012 A Year for Change was born.
Sunday morning Jim awakes to my jabbering about the year to come. I'm sure not the first thing he wanted to hear after a long night but I was excited. He being so wonderful was very agreeable to all my ideas. I'm sure the hangover helped me out tremendously.
And so it begins and I'd like to take you along with me. This Saturday will be our family meeting to discuss the things we would like to change. It can be anything from the food we buy, home organization, our time management. Really anything that's been bugging us for a while.
 Jim, Jake and I will put together a master list and our plan for tackling it. I will share with you our progress and any wonderful ideas or resources we find along the way. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the adventures my family has to offer over the next year.
This should be entertaining.
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